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Welcome to reenie.nu!

This domain was registered on May 22 2011. My original plan for this domain is for it to be an extension of my current YouTube beauty channel, pinkiecharm. From 2009 until May 2011, I used my Livejournal as that extension, to write random blogs about beauty and makeup on topics I didn’t feel necessarily deserved a video or I felt worked better on the blog. Livejournal isn’t the best spot for a beauty blog so I decided to purchase this domain.

Some of you may even remember my original domain, faccia-bella.net. It was opened in 2003 and I closed it down in 2008-I was burned out on it, to be honest. I could no longer find the motivation for coding and graphics and updating any longer. I didn’t feel the desire for a new domain until very recently. Thanks to the amazing Jenn who both built and is hosting this domain on her reseller, I have my very own spot in the blogging world again.

I decided upon the name reenie.nu instead of pinkiecharm.nu (after my YouTube channel of the same name) because I didn’t want the domain forever linked to my YouTube channel. If the day ever arrives when I lose interest in YouTube, I don’t want to lose interest in this domain either.

Registered: GoDaddy.com
Host: Jenn.nu
Space: 100MB
Bandwidth: 40GB

This site uses WordPress and a handful of various plugins. Fonts used include Georgia, Franklin Gothic Medium, PT Caption Sans and Pea Missy Cursive.

All photos are taken with my Nikon DSLR D3100 with an AFS-NIKKOR 18-55mm lens. I’m in the process of deciding on a good macro lens. This camera is my love.

Any and all photos are my own, unless stated otherwise. Do not take or hot-link to any of my photos. To learn more about hot-linking, click here.

Gender: Feminine
Usage: English (Rare)
Pronounced: REE-nee
A diminutive of names ending in reen, i.e., Irene.

Never apologize for who you are.

The purpose of this domain is beauty but my life does not revolve around beauty or around YouTube.