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" My Official Goodbye "

Dearest followers and subscribers of my YouTube channel…

I am officially and finally taking my leave from beauty blogging/vlogging. I realize that I posted a video a couple of weeks ago about returning to YouTube but upon further reflection, I have realized that I do not want to return to YouTube. I know a lot of you anticipated my return to YouTube and while I hate to disappoint you, I feel I need to do what makes me happy and YouTube isn’t it.

As for my blog, it’s going as well. I realize this seems sudden, especially as I’ve posted regularly up until this point. The bulk of these posts were ones I’d queued weeks ago and so in actuality, I haven’t “live” blogged in many many weeks. Like YouTube, I no longer enjoy beauty blogging. Sure, I love makeup and I love sharing my opinions on products, but I no longer enjoy writing about it in any sort of structured environment. It’s feeling forced and feeling like work and is no longer something I enjoy doing.

I feel I’ve outgrown this. I feel it was part of my life for a time, during which time I enjoyed it and felt I was good at it, but now it’s time to do something else.

As for whether I’ll still be online, well, of course, that goes without saying. I will still be on Tumblr, where I’ll occasionally post new pretties I’ve purchased and maybe a few other beauty-related posts. I’ll also remain on Twitter and Instagram.

This post will remain up for one week from today. After that week, this blog will no longer exist, neither will my YouTube channel.

I appreciate each and every single person who has supported me and encouraged me since starting YouTube way back in 2007, and also to those who followed me here to my blog, keeping me motivated and feeling appreciated. Never doubt that your support made a difference.

Thank you.






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